EPW 2013

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EPW 2013

Tuesday, 26/11

Seminar - European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials

Prof. Philippe Chalmin, Université Paris Dauphine Raw Material Markets: Recent developments and perspectives
Gunilla Saltin, Södra Cell Innovation and Raw Materials: A pulp producer’s perspective
Dr. Ton Bastein, TNO Raw Materials: Innovative Technologies and Pilot Plants
Cord Prinzhorn, Prinzhorn Group Innovation and Raw Materials: A recycled containerboard and packaging producer’s perspective
Mattia Pellegrini, DG Enterprise, European Commission Implementing the European Innovation Partnership

 wEDNESDAY, 27/11

Infosession - Unfolding the potential of print media

Robert Pochmarski, DG Internal Market, European Commission The European Commission: Print vs digital                                                              
Francine Cunningham, ENPA Executive Director Unfolding the potential of print media


Infosession - Quality in recycling: The new EN 643

Ulrich Leberle, CEPI Senior Raw Materials Manager The new EN 643 - CEN Standard                                                      


Seminar - New ideas for the paper industry: Young researchers' presentations

Patrick Leuk, Graz University of Technology, Austria Influences of the heat of adsorption on the energy demand in paper drying
Tiina Pöhler, VTT, Finland New high volume fibre products by foam forming: thermal insulation and sound absorption materials
Jussi Lahti, Mondi, Austria Optimization of the Clupak process in extensible kraft paper production
Spyros Bousios, Bumaga BV / KCPK, The Netherlands From tomato plant to packaging for tomatoes…and beyond
Henri Kröling, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany Paper-Thermoset Composites: Using papermaking methods to produce innovative & competitive material
Maria Soledad Peresin, VTT, Finland Large-scale nanofibrillated cellulose film: an overview on its production, properties, and potential applications
Saskia Runte, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany Supercritical CO2-Extraction – A new method to remove harmful substances from recovered paper
Tobias Brenner, Dresden University of Technology, Germany Application of ultrasound process to increase the strength properties of recycled fibre based papers
Marc Marsidi, Bumaga BV / KCPK, The Netherlands Cellulose nano crystals as a coating for paper packaging
Philippe Martinez, CTP, France Breakthrough green chemistry processes for the next generation of paper ad board
Joana Andreia Saraiva Mendes, Innovhub, Italy Antibacterial photo-active TiO2 dip-coated paper



Seminar - EU/US TTIP negotiations and the paper industry

 Fredrik Erixon, ECIPE  EU-US TTIP: about growth and jobs only?                       
 Laurent Ruessmann, Field Fisher Waterhouse  Going for concrete results by December 2014

Bernard Lombard, CEPI

Jacob Handelsman, AF&PA

 The paper perspective (1), The paper perspective (2)



CEPI Annual Meeting

 Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment  Video message                                                              
Teresa Presas, Director General, CEPI  Two Team Project - The proces
o Marco Mensink, Deputy Director General, CEPI
o Bernard de Galembert, Forest & Innovation Director, CEPI
 Two Team Project - The results


Thursday, 28/11

Infosession - Sustainability facts

Teresa Presas, CEPI Director General  Sustainability facts                                             


Infosession - Energy in Europe

 Nicola Rega, CEPI Energy and Innovation Manager  On the agenda of Member States: Next Steps                                        
 Inge Bernaerts – Head of Unit, European Commission  Delivering the internal market in electricity and making the most of public interventions



Seminar - Two Team Project: Revealing the details

 Annita Westenbroek, Royal VNP  “Deep Eutectic Solvents”
 Johannes Kappen, PTS  “Flash condensing with steam”
Heiner Grussenmeyer, Stora Enso “Steam”
Daniel Söderberg, Innventia “DryPulp for cure-formed paper”
Robert Miller, Buckman “Supercritical CO2”
Thorsten Becherer, SCA “100% electricity”
Miguel Pelayo, SAICA “Functional surface”
Math Jennekens, SAPPI “The Toolbox to replicate”